Will GPT Chatbots Take Over Customer Service Jobs?

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and with it, we witness the emergence of innovative technologies that are reshaping numerous sectors. A fascinating example of such advancements is the development of Generative Pre-training Transformers (GPT) chatbots. These artificial intelligence-powered chatbots are rumored to be capable of performing tasks that were once solely the domain of humans - including customer service jobs. The prospect of GPT chatbots replacing human customer service repres... See more

The Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on the Medical Cannabis Industry

The evolving landscape of the medical cannabis industry is rife with potential, yet it also sees its own share of challenges. One particularly contentious issue shaping this burgeoning sector is the role of Intellectual Property (IP) rights. The impact of these rights extends to every corner of the industry, influencing everything from the growth of new strains to the distribution of medical cannabis products. It is an issue that provokes spirited debate, with arguments both for and against the... See more

Ryanair braced for record loss as pandemic “wreaks havoc” across the aviation industry

Ryanair is preparing for a year which it describes as “the most challenging year” in its 35-year history and expects losses to scale the £880 million mark. Effects of the Pandemic According to the low-cost airline, the negative impact of the coronavirus, which continues to “wreak havoc across the industry” is still being felt and is projected to carry well into the new year. The company also revealed that they are “cautiously guiding a FY21 net loss (pre-exceptional items) of between €850m and €... See more