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Currently listed public book cases: 7759

Due to the fact that ICANN shut down price barriers for .org domains,
OpenBookCase.org is cancelled to October 24th 2020.
Until then, it is still reachable by the .org Domain but also via OpenBookCase.de.
Please update your links to the page to be sure it's still reachable!
Thank you for your sympathy and sorry for any inconveniences!


Public book cases?

Public book cases are like free libraries where you can exchange or borrow books for free. They're mostly open 24/7.

What you get

OpenBookCase.org offers a simple and easy way to search, find, add and rate these public book cases in your neighborhood. They are displayed on an easy-to-use map powered by OpenStreetMap.org.

For whom?

This service is for anyone who's interested in reading and/or loves public book cases. Grab your smartphone or tablet and search on the move.


This service is completely provided for free with no charge or advertising. If you want to help grow the database or qualify the data, just register with a few credentials and start helping!