In order to facilitate exchanges with their customers via social networks, several industries are nowadays opting for a chatbot. To do this, there are several industries that can benefit from a chatbot. So what are the industries that can benefit from a chatbot? Follow the thread of this article to learn about industries that can benefit from a chatbot.

Press organs and travel agencies

One of the very first industries that can benefit from a chatbot is news organizations. You can going here to learn more about industries that can benefit from a chatbot. Indeed, today there are several chatbots that provide access to the various information conveyed in newspaper headlines. In addition, these chatbots offer the possibility to its user to select the topics he deems relevant in the newspapers. Chatbots can also receive and answer various questions from readers. Other than news industries, travel agencies can also benefit from a chatbot. Travel agencies are also among the main and best users of chatbots. Travel agency chatbots offer services ranging from ticket purchases to reservations. Generally, the rates applied on the purchase of travel tickets on chatbots are lower than physical purchases. This justifies why customers prefer to discuss offers available on chatbots.

Financial experts

Besides the previously mentioned industries, another industry that could also benefit from a chatbot is the finance industry. Marketing methods with the chatbot are very well known in the financial world. Chatbots are responsible here for advising consumers of banking organizations. They are also responsible for responding to common customer concerns. Chatbots are therefore programmed to provide answers to the various questions of users. But the questions must necessarily be related to the basic banking service. The most sensitive transactions are undoubtedly managed by advisers from the financial industry. In other words, chatbots give your clients practical answers before conversing with a real financial advisor.