The evolution of technology is what makes human beings’ life easier. From technologic inventions we have the creation of Artificial intelligence. Imagine machines that can behave like you. It is possible! Among those artificial intelligences we have amazon Alexa, a virtual assistant that can help you for several tasks in your daily life. Discover in this writing three things you can do with this technology.

Play music

Who does not like music? With amazon Alexa, you can play music without disturbing yourself. Your phone is in another room? You don’t have to go there before listen to music, jut ask Alexa to do it. The virtual assistant has the capacity to link the application where you used to listen to music. It may be Spotify, Prime music, Deezer, etc. Alexa will use algorithms to suggest a list of music you would like. Find out more information on

Get information

How many times have you been faced to this moment you have doubt about the answer you want to give during a debate! Don’t worry, you can check the information by asking it to Alexa. It can be information about your course or even information about a celebrity. It is the technology that will facilitate your activities.

Play the role of a real assistant

When you hear voice or virtual assistant, you ask yourself if a machine can be an assistant. You are not dreaming; this artificial assistant has this capacity. Alexa can help you to set up your schedule. The virtual assistant will warn you when there is an event to which you plan to participate in your timetable. You will even know the weather report that you will have that date and the exact time you need before you reach the place. Alexa can also serve as GPS.